The pMDIs process is a specific pharmaceutical filling system. Cosmar has acquired team of specialist in process, design and formulation able to respond to the pharmaceutical market for MDIs.

The cooperation with the University of Parma gives Cosmar added value in well managing the whole process, included the different formulations.

Cosmar is able to provide single stage and double stage filling equipment.

Special clean room systems are applied on the machine to respect the zoning.

Laboratory equipment can be provided for validation process able to cover the following phases:

MDI Double Stage filling process

1. Filling of product in open cans (where ethanol is used this is already able to remove air)
2. insertion of valve onto cans
3. Purging with HFA through the valve (optional)
4. Vacuum inside cans
5. Crimping of valve
6. Filling of pure propellant through crimped valves

Exemple of Process Flow Layout

Primary packaging area

Cosmar is also able to provide process tank, mixing vessel, piping and pumping system.