Multiple indexing rotary aerosol machine suitable for filling all types of aerosol propellants, like LPG, DME or similar. The machine can be supplied with all the safety devices, like ventilation or sensors for gas detection. The machine complies with the ATEX directive for Zone1, and it can be suitable for Class1, Division1 for US market.  

This machine can be provided with 18, 24 or 28 pockets rotating star wheel that can accept cans with up to a maximum diameter of 66 mm in standard configuration, and it can be adapted also to the gas cartridges filling up to 110 mm, and configurated for in line layout.
A column with adjustable support is placed on the table of the machine and it holds the working stations. 
This machine can be installed inside a Gas House, and it can be connected to the customer safety devices.

MG machine is provided with accurate filling heads to guarantee low leakage release during filling. It can be provided with universal filling adapter for filling of many different types of valves.

Configuration for 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml or 400 ml:
– Double indexing to achieve 80 CPM 
– Triple indexing to achieve 100 CPM
– Six indexing to achieve 120 CPM
– High speed rotary unit 250 CPM