Cosmar is always improving its technology, the new robot machine is innovative and reliable.

Virgo-Plus is the latest technology from Cosmar, based on our Virgo, it is able not only to position but also to orient the caps.

This production technology guarantees the necessary performance and flexibility. 
The machine achieves 60 CPM in a single positioning and 100 CPM in a double. 
It can be supplied with integrated LAF (Laminar Flow) to respect the installation in the Clean-Room and can be ATEX compliant.

The machine is equipped with a rejection system which is provided as a standard solution. 
The machine is controlled by a brushless motor and thanks to the intelligent panel it is possible to manage different formats by loading the correct recipe.
 Robot technology is the best solution in terms of flexibility of the different movements.
 Accuracy is guaranteed by the maximum performance of the robots used.

The Robots solution can be supplied according to all customers needs at a competitive cost.