COSMAR has acquired the competences for the pMDI production thanks to the team of experts who have carried out important projects for customers in Europe and Overseas. Project implementation is enhanced by the active collaboration with a prestigious Italian University.

The quality of the equipment developed by COSMAR meets the highest technological level in the pharmaceutical process. COSMAR can provide single stage and double stage filling equipment.


The metering cylinder is composed of 2 sides. The one in contact with the product and the air control completely separated. The dosing volume can be adjusted by the electronic servo motor during the filling. The ceramic piston ensures the resistance with suspension product and the Titanium chamber is the best solution for contamination. The filling head is equipped with a membrane for cleanability process. The product recirculates back to the tank. Pumping system is provided to recharge the cylinder and recirculation circuit.


The filling head is equipped with a membrane for cleaning process. The head is double, operated with pneumatic control and adjusting bush for filling accuracy. Clamp connections for delivery and recycling. All the materials in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 and FDA approved gaskets are used. The dosing system is made of ceramic piston and Titanium and FDA Hygienic gaskets.


Vibrating system for feeding valve with S/S 316 in contact with the component. Valve placing system servo controlled and designed to guarantee performance and reliability. Peek clippers for pick&place operating system.