This is a rotary machine intended for the burst test of rigid containers for aerosols.
The machine body consists of a frame in guarded steel with stainless steel panels AISI304. Inside the guarding, there are the inverter electrical motor and the pneumatic system, which moves the star wheel.

It has a 16 positions, rotating star wheel that thanks a plastic clips, can take cans with a maximum diameter of 66mm and bring them in to the hot water tank. On the table of the machine, there are fixed columns with manual adjustable supports for an easily change of the set up of the machine.

The machine is arranged by an air blow system to dry the can after testing and before they come back to the conveyor chain of the line.
There are transparent doors that surround all of the moving parts that may be dangerous to the operators. If any door is opened by an operator, the machine stops.
The machine is designed and manufactured to be extremely versatile, as well as extremely reliable and safe.