Table Machine able to Crimp/Pressurize and filling the product through the aerosol valve. This machine can be used to fill all type of liquid, edible oil, water, cream for pharmaceutical products, etc.The machine is provided with S/S 304 frame and base, and all the material in contact with the product are S/S 316 made or FDA approved for sealings.

This machine can be positioned on a table to produce in a semiautomatic mode. The operator should manually position the cans under the operating heads, after pressing the START button the machine operates automatically the specific cycle.

The Crimping head can be adjusted for diameter and height very easily in order to respect the customer requirements. The filling circuit can be cleaned by connecting a Clean in Place (CIP) unit.

Technical specifications:
> Real Production: Up to 1.500 cph
> Type of containers: Aerosol cans
> Type of Valves: Bag on Valve (BOV)
> Type of propellant: Compressed air, or N2

> Compressed air 7-8 bar – 1.500 Nl/min.
> Power 700 W.

> N° 1 UTC Station for under the cup pressurization and crimping
> Electric cabinet with PLC
> N° 1 Through the Valve pressure product filling station

Production process

1. Manual positioning of the BOV into the empty can
2. Pressurization of the can and crimping operation
3. Pressure checking of the internal pressure (optional)
4. Product filling through the stem of the Valve
5. Cleaning of the stem (Optional. Usually for post foaming gel)