These machines are suitable for all types of actuators and caps. Easy and compact, this solution can satisfy space limitations and can also be supplied in dual indexing.

These indexing machines are equipped with 20 rotating star wheel pockets that can accept cans with a maximum diameter of 66 mm. A continuous rotary machine is available for high speed lines up to 250 cpm. These machines are easily installed, even on existing lines thanks to the in-line placement. The machine base is fully protected by stainless steel panels.

The MT, actuator placing machine, can fit all types of actuators, also with cannule or L” shape ones. The feeding system is provided according to the space and the production required. The standard configuration is suitable for Zone 2. The MC and MT series can be equipped with automatic height adjustment of the feeding systems.


Max speed up: 80 cpm for indexing type and 250 for continuous rotary

Type of cans: tin plate and aluminium aerosol cans

• Diameter: .min 35 mm – .max 66 mm

• Height: max 320 mm

Type of actuator: standard actuator for 1” aerosol valve

Standard voltage 400V-50Hz; power supply 1.5Kw

Air working pressure: 6-8 bar

Air consumption max: 2000 Nl/min.




1 vibrator for actuator feeding placed outside the machine

1 placing unit installed inside the machine


1 mechanical sorter positioned outside the machine (elevator included)

1 placing unit installed inside the machine